Monday, 19 November 2012


The discovery of the brasserie at The Alex in Felixstowe was quite accidental and, initially, only considered as an option for refueling at the halfway point of nice summers day bike ride. I'd heard of it before, but only really knew of it as a cafe and bar type affair. However, once i'd given the menu a once over i thought it would be worth a try.


half pint of prawns with marie rose sauce
carpaccio of Suffolk beef fillet with salsa verde


calamari with frites, lemon and caper mayo and watercress
confit chicken, tarragon mash, creamed leeks and chicken sauce


chocolate and hazelnut torte with vanilla ice cream
poached peach fool

Overall, i was quite impressed with The Alex. The restaurant space itself was quite simple, but clean, modern and airy which complimented the seaside view. The menu was fairly familiar for this type of place but they did have their own little twists and the presence and focus of some local produce was a nice touch. Presentation was quite basic but neat and, most importantly, the food was cooked well and pretty tasty. Topped off with a good selection of wine (nothing like a cheeky bottle of Rioja to perk up a bike ride) and a reasonably priced menu, it's definitely somewhere to give a go.

I did get the feeling that it was quite a new direction for The Alex to take food-wise and, seeing as this trip was a year and a half ago, i think it's only fair to go back and see how they're progressing! Such a hard life...

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