Monday, 4 June 2012


After six months of procrastination, no motivation and avoidance, i've finally put a boring bank holiday to use and gave the ol' blog a bit of well needed TLC. It's a bit of a funny time at the moment and apart from Latitude Festival next month, i haven't got much of anything planned as yet. But, i do have various things that have been going on in the past six months (although the photographic evidence is often lacking or of poorer quality) which will be nice to reminisce and write about. Then, by the time i'm through that lot i might be a bit closer to where i want to be and reminiscing will be closer to reality! She says with a sense of déjà vu from the previous post!

London really is settling into a more prominent place in my heart and i'm trying to head to the city more and more. However, it wasn't until recently that i actually finally tried using the Barclay's city bikes. 

They are BLOODY BRILLIANT! They're perfectly made for getting around London with comfy seats, suitable tyres, lights that come on when it's undocked, a bag holder, a bike stand and a wee little bell! Apart from being a bit slow realising where the gears were and bombing it down a main road in first, they're so easy to use from undocking to redocking. Plus, there's not the worry of it being nicked or having to deal with any mechanical issues. They're so bloody convenient and fantastic, that'll be one less bike i have to buy!