Monday, 19 November 2012


The discovery of the brasserie at The Alex in Felixstowe was quite accidental and, initially, only considered as an option for refueling at the halfway point of nice summers day bike ride. I'd heard of it before, but only really knew of it as a cafe and bar type affair. However, once i'd given the menu a once over i thought it would be worth a try.


half pint of prawns with marie rose sauce
carpaccio of Suffolk beef fillet with salsa verde


calamari with frites, lemon and caper mayo and watercress
confit chicken, tarragon mash, creamed leeks and chicken sauce


chocolate and hazelnut torte with vanilla ice cream
poached peach fool

Overall, i was quite impressed with The Alex. The restaurant space itself was quite simple, but clean, modern and airy which complimented the seaside view. The menu was fairly familiar for this type of place but they did have their own little twists and the presence and focus of some local produce was a nice touch. Presentation was quite basic but neat and, most importantly, the food was cooked well and pretty tasty. Topped off with a good selection of wine (nothing like a cheeky bottle of Rioja to perk up a bike ride) and a reasonably priced menu, it's definitely somewhere to give a go.

I did get the feeling that it was quite a new direction for The Alex to take food-wise and, seeing as this trip was a year and a half ago, i think it's only fair to go back and see how they're progressing! Such a hard life...

Coming soon: a new start.

Monday, 4 June 2012


After six months of procrastination, no motivation and avoidance, i've finally put a boring bank holiday to use and gave the ol' blog a bit of well needed TLC. It's a bit of a funny time at the moment and apart from Latitude Festival next month, i haven't got much of anything planned as yet. But, i do have various things that have been going on in the past six months (although the photographic evidence is often lacking or of poorer quality) which will be nice to reminisce and write about. Then, by the time i'm through that lot i might be a bit closer to where i want to be and reminiscing will be closer to reality! She says with a sense of déjà vu from the previous post!

London really is settling into a more prominent place in my heart and i'm trying to head to the city more and more. However, it wasn't until recently that i actually finally tried using the Barclay's city bikes. 

They are BLOODY BRILLIANT! They're perfectly made for getting around London with comfy seats, suitable tyres, lights that come on when it's undocked, a bag holder, a bike stand and a wee little bell! Apart from being a bit slow realising where the gears were and bombing it down a main road in first, they're so easy to use from undocking to redocking. Plus, there's not the worry of it being nicked or having to deal with any mechanical issues. They're so bloody convenient and fantastic, that'll be one less bike i have to buy!

Sunday, 1 January 2012


It seems so long ago now that i spent an afternoon casually wandering down St Peter's street market in the far as blogging is concerned i appear to have a fair bit of catching up to do. Things reached a sort of stalemate, i guess around August 21st (!), and nothing much has happened since then and nor did i ever get round to writing about the things that had happened prior to that. I think i'll just hope that, firstly, i'll actually get my head back into blogging and then, secondly, once i've finished catching up on things from 317 years ago, there'll be something new happening to keep things going. Fingers and toes.

Trying to throw my memory way back to June 26th, the St Peter's street Market was the first of its ilk that i'd been to in Ipswich despite I Make Fun Stuff having started the craft markets back in 2009. It was a lovely laid back atmosphere with a nice array of food and crafty-bits to peruse. I believe there was also an arts show along the waterfront which, preluded by a walk through the stalls and followed by a nice cold beer in the sun, fitted in rather nicely.

Of course, I found several things to catch my eye and, amongst other bits, bought a couple of badges and hair clips. Some of my favourite local crafty-creators that i discovered are:

Dizzy Dizzigns - Really lovely, rustic and unique silver jewellry.
Lucie Ellen - Maker of my tea badge, a gorgeous range of wooden and ceramic jewellry.
Eclectic Eccentricity - Trinkety, story telling pieces...I love the collaboration of all sorts of little bits.
House of Ismay - Handmade notebooks and jewelry using reclaimed vintage materials.
Cuppa Tea and Cake - Title says it all!

Oh, and Happy New Year!